Sunday, July 5, 2009

Volcano Pacaya

The next morning we were off again, back to Antigua and off to hike Volcano Pacaya. The hike started in the green trees and ended up in an old lava flow field. The scenery was amazing and the views were not anything I had ever seen before. We went from lush forest to a dessert of volcanic rock. Surrounding us were other inactive volcanos as well as 10-year-old lava flows that ran down the mountain and were still grayish in color spanning 100’s of yards if not 1/2 mile across. The rock was extremely sharp and just about as hard to walk in as thick sand at the beach. As we reached the top, the clouds were below us and lava was flowing. The guides brought marshmallows to roast on the lava flows. It was really cool to see the molten rock and to smell the smell of fresh lava. You could feel the lava below the hardened molten rock we were standing on. Heat was coming at us from all directions. What an experience it was to experience a live volcano.