Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Carlsbad, here we come

I got the truck back this morning and it is running wonderfully. I spent the day at The Texas Ski Ranch for a fun-filled day at the cable park. The weather was great and I spent the whole day getting better at riding my board. This place is amazing with skateboard half pipes, cable park, motorcross course, etc....Anyone who is passing through Texas should spend a day in New Braunfels just for the cable park. Oh, and if your car breaks down, go to Landa Automotive on Landa Street off of I-10. Ask for Jeff and the mechanic Chris, they are the type of people I would send my Mom to if she need auto work done.

Today Rosemary told me all of the places she wants to visit on our trip back to Atlanta. All of the things she wants to see are in NM, AZ, and UT. So.......I am thinking we will head north of LA to the beach for a few days, then out to Las Vegas, over to Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, North Rim of Grand Canyon down to Albuquerque to visit Maya, painted desert, white sands, and some other places. I am thinking about visiting with my Uncle John on the trip home also. He lives in Farmington, NM, close to where we will be on our return

This leaves me with a northern journey. My plan in a nutshell is to drive from San Antonio to Carlsbad and Roswell area. Next I will head to Albuquerque to meet Maya and her little man. Then off to possibly meet my Uncle John and Aunt Susie in Farmington where they have a ranch with miniature horses and mini-goats. Then to the Moab area to visit Arches NP and Canyonlands NP. Really I am looking forward to riding some of the premier mountainbiking trails they have in that area. Next to Jackson WY to visit Yellowstone NP for 3 days. Then head west to the Columbia River and the Hood River area to possibly take a kite boarding lesson. After this I will head over to Oceanside and Highway 101 the Pacific Coast Byway down to Crescent City CA and Redwoods National Forest. Next will be San Fransisco and then to Yosemite to hang out until Rosemary is ready for me to pick her up.....

The second portion of this trip will more than likey include the beach, Las Vegas, Zion NP, Bryce Canyon, North Rim of Grand Canyon, Albuquerque and MAYA, painted desert, white sands national monument, hot springs and lots of other good things.

While this is ALOT to have happen, I think it is all going to take place. There have not been many pictures in the most recent posts, but that is mainly because Texas is not really that exciting. I will write once we reach Carlsbad.