Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Moab – Day 2

It blows my mind sometimes when I think about all that has happened to Rosemary and I over the last year. We did not even own an Airstream one year ago and Rosemary’s business was slow during the Summer months. It all hit me this morning as I sat atop Klondike Bluffs overlooking Arches National Park. I just sat there in silence and appreciated all that has taken place over the last year in our lives. Life is great and I am very happy to have come into contact with such a wonderful woman, Rosemary. Together we have created something special and continue to allow this life to grow daily into our dreams. We have a good life together and lately I have to pinch myself to make sure we are doing all that we are.

Klondike Bluffs
I awoke at 5am to get out and do some mountain biking. I decided on Klondike Bluffs since I was told it is one of the best intermediate/novice trails in Moab. It started with an easy but fairly long climb. It is a nice mix of Jeep road and slickrock with a couple of short sandy sections. Near the start of the slickrock there are some dinosaur tracks off to the side. That was really cool, even though they looked just like a spot where lightning hit and had eroded over time. At the end of the 8 mile point, the views overlooking Arches National Park are tremendous. It was overcast and perfect conditions for riding, especially after yesterday’s highs were in the low 100’s. I think the temperature only got to about 80-85 this morning. The return to the trailhead was pretty much all down hill. I spent some time playing around on the slickrock and tried a few jumps here and there. It was just about the perfect morning ride - peaceful, quiet, beautiful, and not too hot at all. It was around 15 miles out and back.

I arrived back at the trailer in time to cook breakfast and feed the kids. The things about having the Airstream that is nice is that it is air conditioned and I can leave the dogs alone when I want to go explore. To be honest, there is not too much dogs are able to do in the desert areas due to the heat of the sand and rock on their feet. So I ended up leaving the dogs at the trailer and went to hike Negro Bill Canyon. It is a 2 mile hike in and 2 out, but I went down the wrong trail and ended up hiking an extra 1.5 miles. The objective was to hike in and see the 3rd largest land bridge in the world. I completed my objective, but was exhausted by the time I arrived back at the trailer.