Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Challenges, Orlando, cable park, and more

I have decided to go to Orlando to start my wake boarding/kite boarding adventures. I am mainly going in order to become better at managing my board skills better on the water. I need to be able to ride both ways: regular foot and goofy foot. Not sure if that is the terminology but you get the idea. Being able to do so will more than likely open some new opportunities with snow boarding as well. But I am looking forward to progressing to a point where I will really be able to experience kite boarding as we see in magazines. I am sure it is as fun if not more than it looks in the pictures. We’ll see. For now, it is Sunday July 5th and I am simply enjoying this new adventure of life on the road. We will be here in Santa Rosa Beach for the next 2 months. I am in charge of cooking and keeping up with our kids while Rose works. I am really enjoying the peacefulness that is present within our trailer. I am also looking forward to seeing how many different landscapes we can live in this year. Hopefully, we can experience the dessert, mountains, lakes, beaches, canyons, and many more.

One thing that is becoming more and more clear to me, is that no matter where we live, what we do for a living, or whatever we market to others, we ALL have something that is challenging us and making life difficult. These days seem to be just as challenging as every other day. While I may be here at the beach and living what we explain as a dream come true, it is still challenging. These days it is simply challenging for me to get used to this lifestyle. I mean, living in a 20 ft airstream trailer with 3 dogs is no simple task. I am also getting used to not having a daily job to go to. It is tough also living in an area of the country that is very different than our home in Atlanta. I am so accustomed to living in a community of diversity, with people of color. I am accustomed to being a minority where I live. There is not much diversity to say the least here. As a matter of fact, I would assume that if I made a racist comment around here, there would be someone to join in on the conversation quickly. Then again, that would probably be the case no matter where we live or what color our skin is. So this leads me into another challenge I am facing, judging others. I guess we all do it, but it is more likely to happen when we are in uncomfortable situations, you know? It makes us feel a little better if we can make someone else wrong or lesser than we are, correct. You can only imagine the looks we get when we tell people we live in a trailer…so…..life is interesting to say the least. There is a lot of getting used to. I am continuously learning about patience, possibly the same patience that is needed to be a parent. Life on the road is very different. It has its ups and downs, but then again so does life wherever we live. I am beginning to try and get beyond the “grass is always greener” way of thinking. No matter where we are we have to be happy with what we have in front of us, be happy with the present and do our best to not live too much in our past or the future. I think that this is something I have struggled with for most of my life: being present. I tend to always be looking for the “next” thing or to be judging life against past experiences. Or I judge myself against other friends of mine or by what the mass media portrays as being important. Don’t we all do this? Aren’t we all in the race to get ahead?? I guess these are just a few of the thoughts that run through my head most days. It is nice to be out on the road with my family.

Tomorrow I will be practicing a new sport, wake boarding!! Check out the website at http://www.orlandowatersports.com/