Monday, July 20, 2009

In memory of Jeff Langford

I just received word that my buddy, semi-father/uncle, Jeff Langford passed away last night. Over the last 5 months, Jeff and I had become quite close, like brothers in a way. I had never felt closer to Jeff than I had in the past year. I really tried to be there for him, in every way. He was a good man trying very hard to make his life better in many many ways. He has played a very large roll as to why I am even an Airstream owner. He was my main reference for when I joined the Peace Corps. He and I had become true friends in some new ways. Just 2 days ago we spoke. He called to check on me and how things were going on the road. He was a good man/friend/father and did the best he knew how to do with what he had in his lap. He is now in heaven and at peace and is with his son Jeffrey. No more suffering.

Rest in Peace Jeff. I will miss you and will think of you often.

This picture is one I took of him as we arrived in Atlanta just last week. He had been unhappy with a haircut he received and wanted me to cut it short. I did and I gave him a mohawk. We laughed.

I love you man, I will miss you. You will be in my thoughts, always.