Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Home to celebrate the 4th of July 2009

So the more we traveled the more we realized that we should begin to purchase one way tickets. After Belize we were faced with going all the way back to Guatemala city which required 2 full days of travel. We were ready to get back to Guatemala and I was ready to get back to the United States. We had experienced everything from magical lakes, colonial villages, humming bird experiences, active volcano hikes, Tikal, and now the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world. I was ready to go home and we headed back to Guatemala City and then we headed home. While we were gone, Michael Jackson died, Farrah Faucet dies, and Billy May’s died, and Honduras had a coup over throwing the elected president Manuel Zalaya. I am glad I decided against visiting my old village in Honduras, I might have ended up in the middle of a protest. Being a white North American can be a little stressful at times when you are in the third world. There are a lot of people who cannot stand us…..

Now it is the 4th of July 2009 and Rose and I and the dogs are settling into our new home at the beach. It is interesting building a new schedule of life, in a different place, in a much smaller space, and with new responsibilities. July 4th came and went and I am very thankful to be free and to be a North American living in the United States of America. We have so many freedoms that are not as easily accessible in other areas of the world. God bless America. So I decided to skip the fireworks shows last night and to come back to the trailer for some time alone. It is kind of new this life of living on the road. I needed some time alone to sort out new situations, to plan for challenges, to figure out my new schedule. So I have decided that I will spend the morning time running and exercising. I am a new member to a gym that gives me 24-hour access. I have also learned that while it might be fun to take Marley with me, it is too hot for him to be running with me. So he and the girls are going to be staying in our mobile air-conditioned living space. It’s really not that bad when you think about it…. So life is good here. I am no longer spraying foam insulation for a living, but rather spending my days reading books on Buddhism or listening to other spiritual learning books on my ipod. I have been spending a lot of time focusing on breathing and meditation and being less judgmental and more present. It all sounds great to talk about but the reality is that I am trying to really incorporate some of the Buddhist teachings into my life. After so many years of learning other ways of being, it could take some time for me to adjust.