Monday, July 13, 2009

Preparing for our journey

The truck is packed. The dogs know that something is about to take place. So it will be Athena, Katie, and Marley on the road.

I was thinking about how this trip is the ultimate tour for ANYONE that owns an Airstream. To have a month to travel across the country, Come On!!! Am I dreaming....Is this really something that I am going to be able to participate in??? So sometimes I feel as though I am dreaming, but them I realize I am not, and I am in complete control of my destiny. So, let's see where we go from here.

Every hour the plans change on paper, in my mind it is all the same, we go west. We will go west and see places we have never seen. I will share this with the dogs on the way out, and with Rose coming back. What is challenging me is the fact that I am getting to know my very own country on my own. Into the wild is a weird way of looking at it. It is kind of survivalistic in alot of ways...going out into the unknown with only a handful of tools and...anyway, this blog is starting to get all .........I guess emotional.?? So, tomorow we go to get our bad ass trailer "Serendipity". I still think she is a black and white biker chick....She knows how to weld and stuff....Yeah, I'm talking about the trailer. So the journey beins tomorrow. We got a long way to go and I hope it all goes well.

Good night, Andrew
Off to Santa Rosa Beach to pick up Trailer