Friday, July 24, 2009

Goodbye Texas, Hello New Mexico!!!!

Today was a driving day. I had to get some distance between where we have been and where we want to be, especially if I am going to complete the itinerary I set up in the last entry. I am glad I drove I-10 through Texas so that I will not ever wonder if it IS as boring as people say it is. We cut up north through Pecos, the home of the Worlds First Rodeo, and then on to Carlsbad. I decided that this was not the trip for me to visit caverns. We drove through Roswell also and decided not to stop and go to the UFO museum. I guess the landscape did not start getting somewhat pretty until we were north of Roswell.

Since I blew my whole budget and more ($2,300) repairing the truck, I will more than likely be staying at a lot of state parks. They are only around $15 a night and are usually pretty quiet. Since the dogs were so patient with our eleven hour drive today, I decided that they could use some exercise and a swim. We decided to hit the Fort Sumner State Park. The campgrounds are very quiet and on the lake Sumner, just what we needed. Marley chased sticks, Athena actually waded around and Katie swam and ran sprints all around. I could tell that they all three needed to release some energy. The elevation here is around 5,000 feet so it is kind of chilly this evening. I have the air conditioning off and the windows open and I feel like I need a sweater.

Tomorrow we are going to head into Albuquerque to have lunch with Andres, Maya and Yako their infant son. I have been looking forward to meeting Maya for a long time. She and Rosemary traveled across country many years ago and Rose seems to be connected with her in many ways. So it is such a pleasure to meet her and her family. I think Andres translates ancient texts from Spanish to English. Maya is into natural healing, medicines, and a lot of things I don’t remember, but she is beginning to sell her products at a local farmers market. Since Rose and I are going to spend 3 or 4 days with them on our way back to the east coast, I am only having lunch with them tomorrow. Then I will head northwest towards the four corners area and have dinner with my Uncle John and Aunt Susie. Long day driving, getting some sleep, good night.