Sunday, July 5, 2009

Guatemala trip begins

So we started before the sunrise in Atlanta and by the end of the day both Rosemary and I had taken 2 separate planes and ended up in Guatemala. On the 2nd leg of my trip from Miami to Guatemala, I ended up sitting next to a Guatemalan who was drinking straight warm vodka out of a water bottle. He had decided to go on a celebratory drinking binge for 3 days straight, I caught him on the last day. So we arrived and we immediately engulfed in the currency exchange guys and taxi drivers all rushing at us to change dollars and take us where we waned to go. We were headed to Antigua for a few days to ground ourselves and really had no idea of places to stay other than what the travel book said. According to the book, Antigua was a colonial town that is world known for teaching Spanish. Antigua is located at around 2,000 ft above sea level making the temperature much more accommodating than Guatemala City. So we settled in the first few days of Antigua taking it all in eating at expensive restraints ($35 total dinner), getting a couples massage together, and most importantly meeting with Jose Coutino, a Mayan priest. Jose was doing a reading of Rosemary and I individually, discussing our charts based off of our birth date and time of birth. The readings went well and told us a lot about ourselves. We both left with new thoughts and conversations regarding our own spiritual growth and direction.