Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Northern Guatemala

The flowing day, we headed to Guatemala City to catch a plan to Flores Guatemala. This is the town on Lake Peten Itza where Rosemary would be volunteering with a local wildlife rescue association, ARCAS. Her goal was to work with the local wild animals such as birds, monkeys, deer, etc…. My goal was to go and visit Tikal and to hang out in the area for the week. I spent the following day watching the sunrise above the jungles at Tikal. The Mayan ruins of Tikal were some of the most amazing ruins I could ever have imagined. It was foggy at first and then the sunburst through and howler monkeys could be heard in the distance. They actually sounded like large cats growling. I returned to town of Remate where I relaxed by a pool and took in northern Guatemala in style and comfort. My room had an air conditioner!!! After 24 hours at ARCAS, Rose realized that they simply did not have enough in-depth work with animals in order to make her week enjoyable, so she and I decided that we would go to Belize and spend some time in the islands.