Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Belize was a completely different world. It is the only English speaking country in Central America. Upon arrival at the border, we immediately felt a difference simply due to the culture. It was nice to read signs in English and to see dark skinned people. It was nice to see diversity again. It turned out that the island we were headed to was having "Lobster Fest" during this weekend. We quickly realized that the prices were 3 and 4 times as much as they were in Guatemala, but this would not hold us back from doing what we wanted to do, snorkel on the barrier reef. We ended up spending 3 days in the islands and the snorkeling trip made it all worth it. We swam with manatees, eels, lots of colorful fish, and nurse sharks. I actually was touching and petting the nurse sharks. It was so clear and beautiful on the reef. The aqua color is something I look forward to seeing more often.