Friday, July 24, 2009

Moab, UT & Arches National Park

We awoke and were eager to get on the road. I pressed some Maxwell House, Marley took a dip in the river, and pretty soon we were off. The drive took us through southwestern Colorado, within a few miles of Durango and into southeastern Utah. It was nice to see the trees in Colorado but before we knew it, we were in the desert again. The desert was breathtaking. The red rocks, the cliffs and huge plateaus. I am not sure what they call these types of formations to be honest with you. Whatever they are called, they are absolutely beautiful. It makes me think about the possibility that this whole area was under water at one point. The plateaus are actually what used to be above water and all of the erosion is what caused the cliffs etc…..Am I correct? Either way, this is a most amazing part of the country.

We pulled into Moab and decided on an RV park north of town, about 3 miles south of Arches National Park. The people here are so cool, friendly, relaxed, and enjoying life. The first person I met was admiring our Airstream when I was signing into the RV park. It turns out he has a 1965 Globetrotter and is actually around my age. We talked for a while about what I did, how long it took me, the upgrades I made, etc. He is from Ohio and started a business in town flying hot air balloons. Nice guy and really into what he does. He’s been flying them for about 7 years and he has a buddy, Mark, here from Colorado helping him. It is really nice to meet another person who had similar thoughts about how they wanted to travel, specifically in an Airstream. It is really weird that we met actually since I could have gone to 12 other RV Parks here in Moab. So….I think I am in the right place. The price to stay in a hotel here ranges from $75 to $100 a night and we only paid $78 for 4 nights. So traveling this way is very nice and is meeting our budget. Moab seems like the kind of place where I would fit in just right. It is hotter than hell, but what do you expect in mid July??

Arches National Park is 3 miles away so Marley and I decided to take a drive and check it out. It was too hot to take him hiking so we just drove through and took some great pictures. Tomorrow we are going to drive the Scenic By-Way (Hwy 128) along the Colorado River and check out some of the places where John Wayne filmed movies and more recently where Thelma and Louise was filmed (The place where they drove their car off the cliff).