Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Grayton Beach - Day 1

The trip down was easy. Marley now has his place in the back of the truck with a leash on and the truck window open. He see's the world as it passes us by. Athena and Katie ride up front. Katie likes to hang out of the window perched up forwardly....sp?? Tonight I am eatting at my favorite place, The Red Bar.....It is too trendy these days, kind of over-the-top seasideish......

Anyway, we are going to start early and get most of the driving done before it gets too hot tomorrow. I would like to stay outside of New Orleans in order to possibly see the wreckage of old Katrina that still lingers. If I could see that, well, then my trip will have started off in the right direction.

As I sit here, I am surrounded by the bar crowd and well....I am just ready to be somewhere I have never been before. I have been here so many times....and it is definitely time for some new scenery. I must thank Rosemary for this opportunity.....Thank you so much Rose. It is starting off well...The dogs are doing great. I'm off to try and line up some time in NOLA to see Katrina mess.....Will post pictures