Thursday, July 16, 2009

Getting un-stuck DAY 3

Getting un-stuck can be hard at times. Most of the time it is our mentality that gets stuck in one place or another. During the begining of this trip I have decided to not let the problem with the truck get me frustrated or stuck in my mind. So today I am really lookin forward to getting the truck back and having her run well for the remainder of the trip and longer. I spent the morning watching a documentary on about the Buena Vista Social Club. The music was so nice, their individual stories of how they got to be were so nice, the scenery of Cuba was so nice. It reminded me of where I was 3 weeks ago, in Guatemala. It brought back to me just how lucky we are to have the opportunities that we have in this country....

This pit stop has really given me a chance to look at what we have with us, what we need, and what we can use if we are stranded somewhere.

So we have landed outside of Slidell, LA at the Fontainbleau State Park on Lake Ponchartrain. We picked up the truck this afternoon and immediately hit the road. I am going to try and visit with some folks while we are in town. I atleast want to meet Tanner, a very good friend of Rose's. I also want to go and see what parts of the city got hit the hardest by Katrina. It will be interesting to see how it is today....So it only cost us $16 per night her. Tomorrow we miht stay here, or we might find another spot. Rose mentioned something about the French Quarter Camp Ground......Not sure if she was joking, but that sounds like something we must try out while in the area. Especially if we are going to be visiting people down that way. Who knows. For now, we are just settling in for a nice quiet evening on the lake. Good night everyone. We are still alive and well, Andrew, Katie, Athena and Marley