Saturday, July 18, 2009

Middle of no where TEXAS

Well, my visit with Uncle Pat and Aunt Dale was just about a great as it gets. It was so nice to visit with them for the first time at their house. I was able to see the video of my cousin Tyler's wedding as well as plan some different routes I might want to take out west. Pat and family have traveled out their so much that his knowledge is welcomed.

So I decided to go ahead and hit the road this morning. The truck was running fine, so I saw no need in staying another day. I decided to go ahead and get out towards San Antonio to do some wake boarding. BUT, the truck started smoking again, so I quickly pulled off the interstate and found a spot at a campground. Luckily, there is a Ford dealership at this exit, so that is where I will start my day on Monday. I am also going to speak with the mechanic that replaced the fuel injectors just a few days ago. I have some very specific questions for him. After looking under the hood this afternoon, I noticed some things that I want to talk to him about. I think I will also call up Wachovia to discuss what my options are since he obviously did not correct the problem...We'll see.

I do have time, which is a good thing, but it is so very boring sitting in campgrounds that are not even close to ANYTHING I want to see. It would be one thing if I were in Utah, Arizona or Colorado, but I am in the middle of Texas. Oh well, my dogs and I are lucky to have this little trailer with AC and everything else. Life is good for being broken down on-the-road.

I am trying my hardest to stay positive about the whole truck situation........I am sure it will get fixed and we will be on our way, sometime in the next week, hopefully. Oh well, it could be worst.