Friday, July 17, 2009

New Orleans

So we woke up later than normal today and pressed some fresh coffee and all four of us headed for New Orleans.

I wanted to check out a RV park down near the French Quarter as well as check out the 9th ward area where a lot of devastation happened during Hurricane Katrina. The RV park was basically a parking lot in downtown New Orleans with facilities that include a gym, pool, jacuzzi, etc. The hostess told me how crazy it gets during football season. I can imagine that these people down here are pretty accustomed to party goers. Not long ago I was one of those party goers. So I decided that the state park is where we will continue to stay. While we were at the French Quarter RV Park my Aunt Dale called me back. My cousins are off at college, but she and Pat are in town and actually live near the where we are camped. So, Athena and I are going to have dinner at their house around 4pm. Dale said she would be sure to fill me in on my cousin's wedding which took place on June 6th, I think. Casey is off at Ole Miss and Tyler is at A&M, I think. Not sure, but it will be the first time I, or anyne in our family, has visited them at their house.

As we left the RV park, we headed down towards the 9th Ward area of downtown. The whole area on the way to the 9th Ward area is pretty rough. It reminded me alot of the downtown areas in Belize City. The area that I saw in the 9th Ward mainly consisted of a vast area of cleared lots with overgrown grass, stairways to nothing, slabs of concrete, deserted houses. You could see where there we holes in the roofs where people during the hurricane escaped their attics. Basically a hole area of the city destroyed. It had obviously been cleaned up but now abandoned. Closer to the river, there looks to be 5 or 6 modern style houses with flat roofs, bamboo plants, very square look, solar panels ont he roof, etc....It looks like someone came in with a publicity stunt and then left the area after their story hit. I am wondering if there are more or are things not really moving in this specific area of town.

So we headed back towards the state park this afternoon and picked up some hamburgers and fresh veggies. There was this great local farmers market that had everything we could have asked for, including quality meat. I got word from Rosemary, that Wendy will be back in Houston on Sunday evening, and that she wants to introduce me to a few of her friends. Here are a few pictures even though they will not do any justice.