Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Corona CA

So I slept in the parking lot and we found a great RV park near Riverside that is just what we needed. Nice shade, pool, store, small restaurant, and as usual very interesting individuals that have been abused or abused a few substances for long periods of time. We could probably write a book on campground experiences as a coffee table book. In the afternoon we went to a henna party held by one of Rosemary’s colleges. These woman are the ultra professional all knowing henna artists. These are some of the best henna artists in the US and Rose has kind of just been invited to work amongst them. It was amazing to see their work; their techniques, their abilities and how Rose can learn and adapt to use similar techniques with her ideas. I am blown away with the people she is surrounded by and all the growth she is experiencing in terms of knowledge, experience with these woman, and even the tools that are being introduced to Rosemary for her to use back east. This experience is invaluable. It does not matter if her money goal is not met; she is surpassing her goal by 10 times if you include the knowledge and contacts she is gaining. So….it is absolutely wonderful to see her again, to be with her, to see her smile, to laugh and joke and live life to the fullest, together.

So I changed the plans and am now thinking about just hanging around Southern California for 2 weeks until she is finished. I think I am just going to hang at a State Park beach. I think I am going to wait to travel north until Rose is done and we can head up to the Redwoods together. For the next few days though, we are hanging together rejuvenating one another for another few weeks until she finishes. We spent Tuesday at the beach at a dog friendly beach and laughing at recent experiences we had both had.