Sunday, July 5, 2009

A friend at the lake

After a few days in San Marcos we decided to visit a friend who lives nearby. She has a beautiful house that touches the lake and has a dock and magnificent gardens. It was comforting, lush with beautiful paths through gardens, a dock that looks across to 3 volcanoes. It would be hard for even my 4-year-old nephews to take a bad picture here. So after smoking a little ganja, I took a step to the docks to take it all in. The cliffs that are behind Sherri’s house are out of this world large. The only way in pictures to get an idea is to locate the farmers on the side of the mountains that are planting crops. Avocados fall on the ground here like acorns on the Oak at my parent’s house. Large birds of prey or scavengers flew above the cliffs. Clouds kind of clung to the mountain peaks. The water completely set the tone for the time. If the water was rough and choppy it could feel kind of wild at times, but when the water was calm and motionless, it was quiet like a Sunday morning before anyone else wakes up.