Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home

So it is so nice to be back in Decatur, GA. This place is so unique actually. I love the south and specifically I love the diversity that is represented here in Atlanta and feel completely at home where here. So we arrived back here at home after two long driving days. Rosemary is now scheduling her next few months while I do the same. She is headed in one direction and me in another.

The past few months have taken a toll on both of us and it is taking some time to actually feel being home again. The quality of sleep acheived on a regular mattress is so much better than futon quality. I changed out the brake pads on the truck and weeded the day lilly flower beds this morning. I need to mulch them with wood chips before winter. All in all, the house was in great shape. It is takin some getting used to not having a job. My objective is to land a job near water allowing me to kite and earn a living while keeping my bills paid in Atl.

We'll see what ends up happening. I will be spending the month of September in Cape Hatteras either stand-up paddle boarding or kite boarding. October we will be traveling from festival to festival doing henna. Wish us luck and safe travels. I will post my progress in Cape Hatteras with kite boarding. My true intention is to land a job for next year in that area. Why not, right?