Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Yes, It is Nice, Thank You"

So the bottom line is that life has been treating Rosemary and I well. She supports my dreams and I support hers. We don't have responsibilities such as children that make it semi-impossible to do what we are doing. I guess in the last week or so I have begun to feel a tiny bit of bitterness from others. It is kind of the type of bitterness that comes with envy or jealousy. I am not sure if I am reading it correctly, but my gut says I am correct. If I bring it up, it would of course be turned back on me as though i am incorrect or I am creating something that isn't taking place or that I am crazy to think such....

Am I beginning to do things that are not so traditional, YES. Am I taking chances, YES. Is it risky, YES. Do I fear that everything won't work out the way I plan, YES. Do I sometimes feel as though others would like to see me fall and fail, YES. I am simply choosing to do things differently for a change. I am creating a "must have" list and passion is at the top of this list.

So.........Life is treating me well right now, and it may not always treat me so well. I am sure I will have times in my life when I will not be able to do what I am doing now, nor will Rosemary and I be able to afford it, or maybe we will always be able to live this kind of lifestyle. I am leaning that we will always be able to do whatever we want, because we can and are willing and able to live with less and more important than anything, we have the ability to let go of material things that most embrace. So I am choosing to step out into this great world in order to try some new things.

So, now when I hear others say "It Must Be Nice," I say "Yes, it sure is, thank you."