Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kiteboarding mishaps

Today was the best day of kiteboarding I have had yet. It is weird that I say this since it was also the most terrifying experience I have ever had. This morning as I was kiting alone, my kite got tangled after a crash. The kite proceeded to hang out in the power zone and spin in circles, crashing and more circles. I was attached to the kite and although I had let go of the bar, the kite was still attached to me and must have pulled me 50 yards or so. It pulled me under water and then let me up, pulled me under and let me up. I was out of control and it scared the heck out of me. I threw my hands up in the air and yelled for help a few times. An instructor on a jetski saw me and rushed to help. In the midst of it all, I forgot to push the safety releases that disconnect me from the kite all together. He yeled for me to release and all was good after that. But I seriously thought I was going to die for a few seconds. It was by far the scariest shit I have had ever happen to me, ever.

The wind is a powerful thing. I just about packed the trailer and headed for home. But then I relaxed and caught my breath on the shore and decided that I clearly needed to be riding with supervision. Lesson learned Oh mighty wind God!!!! Much respect!!

So I spoke with a few riders on the shore and they said that it is normal to ahve these kind of thins happen. It was almost as scary as going over a waterfall in my kayak on the Chattooga River, flipping over and proceeding to go down river upside down, cutting open my eye, with 2 hours still to go until take out.....Only this time I am not going to sell my kites and leave the sport as I did with my kayak.....I jumped right back onto the water in the afternoon with the same instructor that saved my ass.

Not only did I get back out into the water, but I got up and riding every time and began to ride up-wind. I rode for two hours this afternoon and it was the confidence booster that I needed. I have also decided that I will probably take two more lessons with the same instructor, even if it costs me $400. Oh, and I might also add that I am taking the Level 1 instructor certification course here at the end of the month, allowing me to become an instructor of kiteboarding. So, needless to say, I had a big day and am very sore and will more than likely be much more sore tomorrow.

Lesson of the day: "RELEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!"