Thursday, September 10, 2009

The grass is not always greener

I guess every now and then when we actually listen to what others say, we hear things that mean something. So often we are so caught up in our own thoughts during conversations that we only hear about 60% of what others say. Maybe it is only me, or maybe not...but either way, I was talking to another fellow kiteboarder here in Cape Hatteras and during the conversation he said "the grass is always greener." Well I am here to tell you that the grass IS NOT always greener.

It has become somewhat normal to yearn for what others have or what others are doing. Or is it envy, jealousy. It is just another way of saying that we are not completely content with where we are at that moment. The grass is not always greener. I think that is very obvious when you take a look around and see families that we think are tight breaking apart. There are many many examples, and I think that many times people put up this impression that everything is just perfect. You know what I am talking about, you see it every year when others send you the Christmas card/postcard picture. You see it on the news, at work, all over the place. People are always trying to present to others that things are GREAT.

I wish people would just come out and tell me when they are having a hard time, or if they are not happy, or struggling, or whatever. Not that I want to know all the time when people are unhappy or all the bad things, I just wish that others would not present greatness when it is not really present.

In terms of how this relates to me, I guess I just want everyone to know that this journey I have been on for the past 4 months has been beautiful and I have seen Guatemala and much of the USA and now I am kiteboarding in Cape Hatteras and I am able to do it all in a trailer with my dog and most of the time with my lovely lady Rosemary, BUT it has not been easy. The pictures I post in this blog are just pictures. I am in the midst of finding out what direction I am headed and that is not always easy. Consider the fact that I studied things and have degrees that I don't use consistently, I don't have a job right now, I am spending money that I will run out of, and I am not really comfortable with everything. It is tough for me to not know what I will be doing for money in the future. I like security, so in alot of ways I am completely out of my comfort zone. So the grass is not greener for me more than it is for anyone else. It is just uncomfortable, even though I am happy with what I am doing and accomplishing. I am not saying in any way that I am unhappy with what I am doing, I am just saying that it is not all easy.

I did just secure a spot for Rose and I to attend Fantasy Fest in Key West at the end of October as well as 5 days of kiteboarding on "the flats." So we will head down there after her last music festival in N Florida, Magnolia Fest. If you ahve not heard of it, check it and definitely attend. That is by far my favorite festival. So our travels will continue and my abilities in this sport will continue to progress. I have never been to Key West and Fantasy Fest is supposed to riht up Rose's alley with all the costumes and masquerading. I guess in terms of travel, I could not ask for much more than this lifestyle. I think Rose is actually going to be looking for a spot to do henna for the future as well as for the festival. So she could actually make enough money to pay for the trip, now that would be nice. If we can dial everything in correctly, then this lifestyle could be quite fun. I am aiming at ossibly instructing kiteboarding and she continues to do henna. Who knows where it could go. For now, I am in Cape Hatteras doing my best to ride upwind and stay upwind, that is all I want to be able to do.

Much love and Peace, Andrew