Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Will's .........Living and Last

Yes. I filled out a living will today and my "last will and testament", atleast as it stands today. We unfortunately found out that "Grandmother", and she is grand, fell and hit her head. She is such a strong woman. Unfortunately it made us think about a Living Will in case anything happens to us that takes our mind to new places...leaving our bodies behind. Well, we wouldn't want this place to try and keep us here if we are meant to travel forward or, beyond now. I also ralized that it would be good for me to have a will to discuss my few assets and items I value, as well as how to dispose of my remains. ..............It was kind of odd filling out a last will and testament. I really don't own too much, but the things that I do own, are kind of cool. Not to mention thinking about the possibility of something occuring that would injure my brain or body and take my mind or ability to live here, now.....My Airstream would go to Rosemary as well as all of the art we have purchased together. My pistol should go to Michael Johnson. My truck should go with the Airstream to Rosemary. My baseball collection should go to Ethan Cole Cook. ...............So it is odd to write these kinds of things down. You begin to realize that life really is all about experiences and actions, not material items. I want my life to be celebrated, I want there to be laughing about my ways....whatever ways you remember of me.......whatever music we listened to together or whatever way I pissed you off with my smart ass comments.....hehe, you see??? It is weird writing down honestly what you want the celebration to be like after you pass away from this life........I kind of like the honesty feeling that comes with these types of writing or these types of thoughts. I mean really, you could loose this life tomorrow and not be able to prepare for it. Atleast let it be known how you would have liked things to be without you.....And celebrate life, not f'ing material items.....Oh well, it is nice to think about the reality that life could end anytime.....I keep running into more and more stories of life ending abruptly or accidents happening abruptly.....Life is good, live it up and taste it. But before I go, .....I want my ashes spread in the Gulf of Mexico near the Gulf Shore condos and the dunes we went dune hopping when we were so much younger, if they are still there. And some more ashes spread on Tallulah River Road in the stream before you get into North Carolina State line sign before Tate City, way back in the woods. Talk about being direct......it is so odd to write such down....Well, that's what i did this afternoon. Fun fun fun We Love you GRANDMOTHER!!!!!!!! We are riht by your side.