Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wake Up Call

It is really a wake up call whenever I go to a hospital for any reason. The smell, the knowing that people go there when they are sick or hurt badly, and some to die, and others to be born.....So alot goes along with it and I just don't like them. Grandmother was definitely communicating with us, she even smiled for me and seemed to like it when I rubbed her feet. She even raised them when I stopped motioning for me to continue. I know that she could hear everything we were saying. I just love her....and to see her in this state was truely humbling and a reality check. I wonder if she remembers me talking about the time she tried out to be a playboy bunny with her friend, and they were chosen, and then had to decline because they had to go pick up their kids from school.... Those hot Mom's.....This is something I learned of her on her 80th birthday. Anyway, she seemed more than anything, uncomfortable being in that state of mind. She seemed to be wanting to be by the pool. She is not oing to be there for long. I just love her and being able to give her a kiss and her smile was the best.....It was nice to feel as though she was on her way to recovery and being able to communicate and be back at home, by the pool, with her loving family, including the dogs. She just was telling us all about her garden this past dinner we spent with them. She just always seems to be happy with her situation. Well, I hope she is dreaming well tonight.....We love you grandmother, I'll come by tomorrow.