Saturday, September 26, 2009

And we meet again

Their faces, smiles, voices, laughs, tones of voice, and much more took me back to high school days. So it has been 15 years since we roamed the halls and had home room together and most of us have done well. They all say that I am the same. I am beginning to realize that who we are in our core stays around more than we know. I had many wonderful conversations tonight about many different topics, especially about personal growth and freedom and strength to be real and honest with ourselves. It all seems to be exactly the same things that I am working on. So things are lining up. A few select folks are going through similar periods of discomfort in their lives as I am, some feel they need to be doing what I am doing. It was nice for someone to tell me these types of things. I am beinning to realize that there are alot of people that are struggling in relationships, some divorcing, some still friends but divorced, some love their jobs but have simply changed in relationships and are starting fresh or on their way to starting over. It is becoming a common theme in conversation lately, many people are starting to wake up and seek passion. It was nice to listen to their stories and to realize that we are not alone. It was nice to hear others express their struggles and growth experiences. I am having a reat post ceremony experience tonight. It is nice to be home with the kids tonight. We are all laying here and looking forward to sleeping with oen another and waking up late.....Sunday is going to be a lazy day. High school was a good time. I enjoyed this evening. There will be more lessons learned. I love facebook.