Monday, September 7, 2009

What Now?

So.....What is next. So the bottom line is this, I borrowed money to start a small business and now owe my parents all of that money as well as money they loaned me for a truck. I have traveled across the country and back, traveled to Guatemala, am in love with a wonderful woman, have a great dog that hates other dogs to the point of attack, own a home and a rental that is rented, and much much more. So the small business was not doing well enough to pay two peoples salaries so I decided to move on and go out into this world and seek another path. I have an MBA and an undergraduate degree in international finance and speak Spanish. So I have all of these wonderful experiences under my belt......Now what. The problem I am having is that I am seeking passion in my job. Granted, now may not be the time to be picky about one's job, but I chose to take the path less traveled and alot riskier. So now that I have traveled the country, I am now in Cape Haterras with the want to get better at kite boarding. I have this big dream that I will be able to get so good, that I will be able to become an instructor and travel the world and make a decent living, relative to where I am. Is this completely crazy??? Why hasn't anyone pulled me aside and shaken me silly telling me how crazy this is??? Not that I am waiting for someone to wake me up or anything, but really......So I sit here in Cape Haterras wondering what will come my way over the next week or three. I guess I am begining to completely second guess my plans. I am second guessing my plans so much that it sometimes causes me to miss out on the fun of what is in front of me. I guess my point to this blog is making all of you aware that I know that it seems a little wild for me to be traveling all over the place and not working like everyone else. I know that it seems like I am "living it up" while everyone else is working and I know that alot of people are saying "it must be nice." Well it has been nice in alot of ways, but in many other ways I am internally struggling to be at peace with a job. No matter where you go or how far away you go, you always have to come home to you....No matter where you are at, you always are still with you. You cannot escape yourself no matter what you do....So, I have spent the whole day driving here to Cape Haterras and my plan is to take some kiteboarding lessons and hopefully get to be good enough to begin to enjoy the sport and to be able to use the gear I have purchased. We'll see where this leads me......I think I need a good night sleep and in the morning, I am going out to get the ay of the land, with Marley (the attack dog).