Sunday, September 13, 2009

What a day

Sunday was so nice. I awoke to the a'c and knew that the wind was to be low. So we had french toast and then the wind showed up at our door. We communitized and began to organize a scheme, me being the most virgin or our plan. We wanted to do a down winder to Salvo from Rodanthe. Me being the beginner I just went with it and hoped that my skills were up for it. So we went and I did Great for a little bit. The the wind died and the kite fell from the sky and the lines got inverted and then I had night mares about my last lame experience with a kite and being near the water and it pulling me. So, I lost the board I borrowed from Paul and I stopped the down winder and the team was now organized to find Pauls board and see if I was OK. All was good, the board was rescued and I ended up returning the 12m slingshot RPM and got a 12m Best Nemisis HP and a new board. So I am hoping that this new rcipe gets me riding well. I have been told that my biggest problem might have been the equipment. The right board and the right kite will treat you well in the right winds. I have met a great group of people to say the least. In California I was yearning for those that want to treat others like COMMUNITY. Well, I think I am getting closer. It is nice and refreshing to meet others from a community and they welcome you with open arms. Not that I am a soft-man or anything, but more like it is nice to have there be such a relaxed feel about community. It is nice to have met Paul. He reminds me of a hard Adalberto. He sure as hell is teaching me alot and is open to it when he could be riding full speed ahead without a beginner. It is something I am going to pass on to the next beginner.

This trip has actually changed drastically in the past few days. It is hard to explain but I am beginning to feel as though I am completely where I want to be. That is nice. It is nice to sit here in Cape Hatteras this Sunday evening and to look back at my weekend.

I met these cool people from Kill Devil Hills NC with a 59 trailer. We shared some goods. Thanks Erik, by the way. Anyway, check out Southern Bean in Kill Devil Hills. I heard they have the best coffee. Eric is such a nice guy. Life is so good lately. I sat tonight outside of the trailer looking at the stars over the Palmico sound and thought back to Death Valley and Klamath CA.......Life is defintiely being nice to me these days. To see and experience life out in the open is the best one could ask for ever.

So this week I am planning on spending every day kiteboarding with Paul. Rose calls it work, so I guess I am pretty lucky. Let me get back to work. ....Pics are of my neighbors and their trailer, the sunset, my gear and Marley and I and the gear (family shot). Anyway, we love it here and hope all of you are feeling the same _ ===)