Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our life now

It has been nice to actually stay somewhere for some period of time. I am becoming noticed by those that have been for for months and months. It is interesting here in Southern Cali. All kinds of people, many that I simply do not connect with. I have met one person out here that I would seek conversation with. So we have been staying in El Cajon, about 20 miles inland. It is a community here, under the palms and next to the pool and facilities. We stay at spot #106. We have shade and a flock of parrots that comes to visit us every day, they must be 10 inches tall, flying over the whole RV park. The lady behind us has a little girl Abi and a boy named Frankie. Frankie has a tail that has been rowing since he was born. He told me first thing that he was going to have it until he was 18 years old and then could decide what to do. The Mom is real motherly in a southern California way, a way I have never known, it is completely different, the words that are used here. We go to the beach and have fun, but most of the action is at the the Vacationer RV Park.

I have met some some very interesting people here from the lady that runs the RV Park Lisa to lost teenagers to perverts to specials and men that have rabbits for pets and guy that has a medical marijuana card and told me of the marijuana menus they have here to Skyler's gay uncle who reminds me of friends that live up from my parents house Bill and Don to young couples fighting to make it and then there is Adalberto. You know when you meet somebody and they immediately grab you and you connect with them really well and the conversations grow and grow and it somewhat connects with your goals and experiences and dreams, well that is Adalberto. He is this surfer yogi meditation teacher/professor guy from San Francisco area, I think....So he and I struck up conversation late last week sometime in the evening at the dog beach. He is a guy that is extremely knowledgeable and has lived some pretty cool experiences and he signifies someone that echoes what I have been thinking about:Meditation. We spoke of things that I began to feel in Guatemala at Atitlan, the shift of consciousness and awareness and peace and love and connectivity and passion and the knitty gritty of they way we see things. Well.....those thing kind of were very similar, so, he is the ONLY person I have met out there that I would seek conversation with over and over and over.

So Rosemary and I have been hanging out every Monday and Tuesday and I take her back to work on Wednesday by noon at the Orange County Fairgrounds. She is growing so much from this experience...I am imagining what it will do to her business in her own booth at the fall Festivals. I am looking forward to seeing the creativity she has once she is in her space... It will be beautiful, it already is. We are working on a few pet projects of ours that are going to be interesting. Last night we had a great dinner together and afterwards just laid around listening to the Beatles and Steve Wonder. We are planning on hitting Las Vegas on our way back to see the Beatles show at the Mirage. That soundtrack is so good. I think it is called Love - Cirque De Soleil show sp?? So we have nice evenings together in the trailer. It is nice to share such a small space and get along perfectly in it. It is a peace that I have not known since I built forts in the back yard. It is a mobile fort that built last year....hehe kind of funny to think about. The space we share is special and it is nice to get to know the road like we have during this trip. Rose is doing an amazing job. How it is churning my thoughts all around and open new areas of exploration.

The dogs are finding their places in the trailer. Katie has claimed the very back corner underneath the cabinets next to the hot water heater. Marley loves the back of the truck and the front couch. Athena's bed is under the dinning table. I have been reading lately and read Siddhartha by Herman Hesse yesterday. What a great story....

I have taken one kiteboarding lesson on land and will be taking another lesson on Thursday. I am hoping it goes well. It would be a nice end to this leg of the trip. Rose and I took the kite out to Fiesta Island on Monday. I was practicing my flying skills and wanted to try to get up and ride. It did not go so well. the kite was over powered and I did not get up and the board went up wind and the kite took me to the other side of the lake, I had to self rescue a blow away kite, retrieve my board upwind and deal with swimming trunks that almost fell off of me as I body dragged across the lake.....It was just about the nerve racking fun experiences I have ever submitted my self to. Seriously, we have it on video which should be interesting to watch at a later date. I am laughing right now remembering that fateful ride across to the other side of the bay. Once i got to the other side and kept my kite from flying into the weeds and RV park, I looked over at Rosemary and wave and giggle....So I decided to wait to try and kite again until after Thursday's lesson. What a tough sport. But I know once I get it, it will be something I don't forget, something I want to be able to teach others. So, we'll see where I end up.

I will take Rosemary back to Irvine today where she will finish her work and next week at this time we will be headed north towards San Francisco and Big Sur and a few other spots that I was told about. I have to say, I fall more and more in love with Rosemary every day, she blows my mind. So this is where I am. We are doing well, it is so new, this way of living right now, Andrew