Friday, August 14, 2009

Rio Vista and the wind

After traveling up the coast, we headed inland to Rio Vista on the Sacramento River delta. I was told by some guys in Coronado to set up a kiteboarding lesson with Sandy at We settled in at Duck Island RV Park. This RV park was by far the nicest I had stayed in durign the whole trip. It was so peaceful and beautiful and quiet and affordable. It was an adult only park also. So we were staying on the river across from Rio Vista for a few days until my kitebarding lesson. It turned out to be the most peacful yet chaotic place I have ever been too. The wind must have been blowing at about 35 mph or more constantly. It make sense though, over the hill were 100's of windmills.....It also makes sense as to why kiteboarding would be popular in the area.

I took my lesson and learned alot more and was able to get up and riding in both directions as well as riding up-wind for a little bit. By the end of day two both Rose and I were ready to head to San Francisco/Pacifica. Here are some pics of our time at Duck Island RV/Rio Vista area.