Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gilla Cliff Dwellings and Hot Springs

After a long drive, we found ourselves at a campground just north of Silver City in Pinos Altos. We were basically camping in an apple orchard. Marley ate probably 40 apples over the 48 hours that we resided there. The price was $20 a night and we had internet as well.

So we visited the illa Cliff Dwellings which are almost 750 years old and older. They we amazing. You could just about feel the vibes from the lives that had lived there. The soot on the ceiling was 1,o00 years old. The wooden beams were original. So we sat in the cave alone and just meditated and smelled the smells, it was so unique of an experience. We even encountered some ancient grafitti or pictoglyphs painted with powered hemotite.

After this, we went to some hot springs that were nearby. They were about 106 degrees or so, maybe I am wrong. It was a beautifulsunny Monday and we spent the afternoon at the hot springs. I might add that we ate a few chocolates, which added to the experience. On our way home we encountered road runners, deer, hawks, owls, pheasant, and a rabbit.