Friday, August 14, 2009

San Francisco and Redwoods

We arrived to our destination in Pacifica and went and checked out the beach with the dogs. The waves were HUGE and dangerous. It really gave me an appreciation for the ocean once again, without being in it. Afterwards we headed back to the trailer and then off to Haight-Ashbury to check out the hippie mecca. Rose had some shopping to do and I ended up buying some items as well. San Francisco seems to be a very cool town full of diversity and open-mindedness.....not in just the gay way it is promoted as or as I have heard so many times before, but just the vibe it gives off, at least that is what I took from it. I liked how at the corner of Haight-Ashbury it is always 4:20, the time to smoke ganja.

While seeing San Francisco is great, it is still just another city and we wanted to get out of the city. So we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge and took some great pictures and then headed north on Highway 101. We decided against highway 1 above San Fran because it is SO slow and would have taken days to get anywhere. We made the right decision as the 101 is where "the avenue of giants" is located. We ended our day at a state park surrounded by giant redwoods. It was just what I had been wishing for after a long day of driving. I could actually feel myself relax the more we drove into the forest.

After a nice quiet evening among "giants" that are as old as 2,400 years old, we headed north on 101 towards Arcata. Arcata is a town I connected with, at least for the hour or two we were there. A very nice town square with very friendly people. The people were hippie/granola/dreadlock/relaxed.....does this make sense? It just seemed like a town I would like to spend more time in. We continued to head north through the Redwood National and State Park alng the coast and ended at Klamath California, just south of Crescent City. We wanted to settle in to a spot for a few days in order to relax a little more and not always be on-the-go. Tomorrow we plan on doing some hiking in the Redwood forrest, possibly some beach time, and whatever else comes our way. Supposedly there is a bear that has been visiting our campground during the evening time. We'll definitely keep everyone posted. I will post pictures when the internet connection allows.