Friday, March 12, 2010

Allignment is nice....

Do you ever have one of those days that gives you the feeling that everything is lining up for you, things run smoothly, your wishes come true, communication is open and all is good. That was me today.

I woke up with my dog at 7:30 and needed to figure out the estimated amount it costs to repair my clutch with a new clutch disc and parts. I had no idea how I would fund this repair since funds are running low. I decided that I would start taking pictures and posting items I do not use but are worth money. Stereo receiver, surround speakers, center speak, shelf speakers, sub woofer, and other items that had accumulated over the years in my basement. I am even selling my kiteboarding gear since I have the ability to rent gear wherever the sport takes place. Why own them and test ride the best gear? I ended up estimating the need for $500 for a clutch repair. I ended up with around $1,000 in my pocket by 8:30 tonight. I sold the utility trailer to my ex business partner at a steal for $300. He needed it for business and I can always borrow it when I need it. My neighbor ended up giving me some money for the Bose shelf speakers I listed. So needless to say, I was excited that my truck will be repaired Monday.

So for the past few months I have been feeling so ready to jump back into the workforce with a specific direction. I have mentioned Earthships, so that is my direction. Well, I have been getting anxious and bored waiting for the Wyoming build in late April and wished that it would just get here so I could begin my education. Well today it arrived in the form of a Four week Earthship session take place from April 5 - April 28th. The session will include ne full day of classroom work and the rest of the time is spent on a job site building. Sounds good to me!!! If this does take place, my travels would take me directly to Wyoming for the second internship there. 6 weeks of pure on-the-job training, playing with earth and building homes. Grey watr systems, solar and wind electricity, indoor greenhouses, rain cisterns for water storage, and utility bills of $100 per year. I am excited that this is taking place and the opportunity presented itself. By 4:45 pm on this Friday, I called and they only had one spot left, and it was mine.

So this is how my day ended up, not that I needed to express this to the world, but damn it feels good to be alive.!! To feel movement in your life, to feel growth and hopefully wisdom from the knowledge we gain from life's experiences, the good and the bad. Damn it is good to be alive.

Rosemary and I have discussed hosting and organizing the first annual HennaCon Southeast. January of 2011 is the goal we think. Workshops hosted by world famous henna artists, some are acquaintances from her work in LA last July. We have lots of ideas and loved TribalCon (The belly dancing conference) a few weeks ago. What an opportunity to network in her field of expertise. I am excited to support this effort and watch a great event connect the henna community here in the southeast.

These are my current updates into the lives of our crazy selves. If anyone wants items of theirs to be sold on craigslist, I can do it, quickly. It was my job today and I succeeded.