Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One year ago

Lots of goodness is going on these days. Rose is working on a huge costume for the National Black Arts Festival and will be doing henna tattoos at a belly dancing convention this weekend. I have been very busy selling everything from furniture to insulation jobs. Money is coming in and I feel rich with only a few hundred dollars in my bank account. I am beginning to realize that while I have never been as low on money as recently, I have also never been as happy. In a few weeks we will be headed to the beach for Spring Break!! I cannot believe that one more year has passed. It was just about one year ago now that I was finishing the restoration of our 1964 Airstream Globetrotter. We took it last year to Spring Break for the maiden voyage. So this year we will once again be in Santa Rosa and Rosemary will be doing henna tattoos and face painting. We will not be with the Airstream this year, rather camping at Grayton Beach State Park. It is so crazy to have these kinds of events to measure time. One year ago now, I was doing everything in my ability to separate from my old business partner. It was quite a leap of faith for me to take a year off from work, to focus on passion rather than just another job. I guess what it really comes down to is priorities and responsibilities. Most importantly, I have learned to be at peace, while being still for extended periods of time. The "still" I am speaking of is not one of sitting in a meditative position or not talking, rather just being at peace and accepting my current position, even if it is uncomfortable. It took me about nine months and an around the country road-trip to slow down. What a year. You know, I guess we can look at every day as New Years day....Oh, and I will just go ahead and throw this out, Rosemary and I are contemplating a land purchase in Tennessee. We are unsure if this will become actuality, but we would like to own land outside of Chattanooga in order to build an earthship. We have some friends of Earthship Biotecture out of Taos, NM that are offering land for $1,100 per acre, wooded, with water, northwest of Chattanooga. 10 to 20 acres would be nice. We'll see, we still have alot of other dreams that have yet to come true before we can seriously consider anything. Belief in outcome as my sister preaches, Belief in outcome. The whole land thing may not take place for a year or so, but we see it in our future without a doubt. I guess I should add that I also see some chickens, a rooster or two, two goats and Rosemary wants a horse....One year ago I saw my Dad and Mom split up and now I see them together happier than ever. My little sister Katie was remarried this year and relocated to Kansas. A friend committed suicide this past year. We lost our beloved Athena this past year. Happy New Year everyone, tomorrow is the beginning of a new year, depending on how you look at it. I'm ready for Spring Break at Grayton Beach, stand-up paddle boarding, flying kites, and enjoying the white sand beaches with painted faces and henna tattoos.