Sunday, February 7, 2010

Continuing Education 2010

I have now finished all 3 books written by Michael Reynolds, Earthship vols. 1 - 3. I am left wondering why is this concept is not being taught or used for habitat for humanity homes. I am so excited to educate myself about something I can use, something I can see happening, something that is liberating and so available. After coming from a construction background for part of my life, I enjoy the detail and simplicity of his work and ideas. Vol 1 details the main construction of the interior and exterior walls, the roof, the front portion of windows, and much more of the main structural parts of the Earthship. Vol. 2 details the different systems employed such as water systems, solar power systems, landscaping, fireplaces, bathrooms, etc. Vol. 3 describes the vision much further describing communities and just how the Earthship concept can work on larger scales. I love that these books are not limiting, rather they share all information and materials needed and where to buy the materials. The books don't leave you wondering how to get the supplies, he shares his sources with you and even gives their phone numbers and addresses. Granted, these may be out-of-date, but they can more than likely provide you with updated sources from a phone call. I simply can't wait to be a part of this type of work. Right now the Earthship team is headed to Todo Santos, Baja Mexico to build what they call their Global Model over the next 8 weeks.

I am not really sure what to expect with this exploration of mine. My gutt is telling me that if I stay true to myself, it will work out wonderfully. At this point, I am simply ready to get back to work doing something. This Winter season has been nice and relaxing, but I am ready to begin to build things, to learn how solar systems are installed, grey water systems are utilized in-doors, and all that goes along with building an Earthship. "Pockets of Freedom" they call the areas where people around the US are building. Wouldn't it be great to see solar panels on the White House?? Wouldn't it be cool to have Habitat for Humanity bein to use the Earthship concept where it is realistic. Is it that we are so caught up in the hamster wheel that we run and run without knowing that such techniques are being used. The energy bills for a normal sized earthship in moderate conditions can be around $40 per YEAR....