Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Yippee, my bank account is down to zero for the first time in exactly one year. I pay my taxes.

So Rose is working a festival in NC for the next 4 days. It is becoming more and more visible amongst my friends that money is not really available. Jobs are scarce. So I am being faced with some changes that will more than likely lead me to live a non-traditional lifestyle this year. I am beginning to figure out that secretly I want a non-traditional lifestyle. I always have been this way deep down. So here I am faced with a chance to do so. It will involve the act of letting go of my current situation and trying harder to receive new opportunities.

My current career situation is straining, stressful, and not financially viable for my cost of living. And I don't have a large necessary cost of living, especially after paying all credit cards off and all student loans off. So I figure in these times I should really be doing something that is making me happy as well as compensating me for my time. I know this sound like a utopia and a fantasy for some, but I want to incorporate it into my life truly. I mean, WHY NOT!!! When you are barely making ends meet, or barely loving the person you are in a relationship with, what do you normally do. Some say I should do whatever it takes to stick it out during the tough times, others say move on and be happy and be available for new opportunities, others offer no opinion what-so-ever. I am leaning towards a little of all of these.

What will be, will be. I am going to have faith in myself, my decisions, and be open to anything that may come my way. I have a possible opportunity to restore another airstream, a 197o something 27 footer....Who knows......As long as I remain flexible and open, I will be OK. Rose always says, no matter what happens, we will be taken care of.......I think she is right.

Wishing everyone a wonderful evening on tax day. It is a payday for our government. Thanks to us they can spend all they want. I wish they could see that sooner or later, they too will run out of other people's money to spend....

Good night