Friday, April 17, 2009


I guess it takes time to realize certain things. I think I can sum alot of things in this world to the feeling of FEAR. Think about it. Having fear causes us to not take steps in our lives just about every day. If we don't do something, inevitably, that decision is based off of being fearful of the results. Maybe we are fearful because of experiences we have had in our past. It all comes back to being fearful. Not that I am looking at fear in a negative way, but mainly I am simply trying to make myself more aware and concious and am trying to be more courageous and bold in action. I think I am in the midst of manifesting some changes in lifestyle. Someone asked me today, what would the harm be if I went forward with my plan.....And I could not think of anythin that is irreversible.

So it is nice to become more aware of patterns I have in my life. Anxiety and loss of control are two areas in which I am focusing. Paying closer attention to the wonderful things I have in front of me. Living in the present and not so much in the past or the fearful future and what might happen if such and such take place......What if?? What the hell if?? It is very nice and reassuring to have a partner like Rosemary. She teaches me so much about faith and patience and being open to new opportunities and so much more....Life is great, even in the tough times. I love being able to truely feel that Rosemary and I are there for one another no matter what happens. And we don't have to get married to do so. It is going to be nice to not have a label that a majority of America holds. Simplified and Sustainable.

This blog should be interesting over the next 6 months, I hope. I am hoping that the next 6 months will take to not only to Guatemala, but also allow me to publish photos from deserts in the southwestern United States. I will look forward to reviewing these entries.