Friday, April 17, 2009

My best friend

I have learned a whole lot from Ms. Athena. I was watching her take in our trip to Tallahassee. She is 16 years old and seems to get younger with age. She becomes mre and more like a puppy. She is probably one of the most special animals I ahve ever had an opportunity to live with. She dances on her side and digs her head into the pillows and barks and jumps for treats. Her ears speak volumns, you see how they kind of tip over. When she wakes up she has sleepy eyes that make me fall in love ith her, Every morning. She cannot ear anymore, so it is very easy to always be there when she wakes up. She is my best friend, so is Marley and so is Katie, but Athena and I ahve a different relationship, just as all parents have a different relationship with each child.