Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Life is Ever-Changing

I decided to write a new blog because the Airstream blog was mainly about the restoration. Now that we have the trailer restored and on the road, it was time to start writing about our travels. When I speak of "we," I mean Rosemary and I. You know, we met because my dog attacked her dog, causing over one thousand dollars of damage. Now we all live under multiple roofs together for varying amounts of time at many different locations. We now have a lake house, a beach house, a mountain house, ...and basically a "anywhere we want to stay" kind of house. So that is what this blo will be all about, all of our lives traveling together. Rosemary and I, and our 3 dogs Katie, Athena and Marley.

So our latest travels took Rosemary to the beach. It was the first trip we made in the Airstream. After 2 weeks, the dogs and I came down t visit and see what it was like to all live under one roof. I was surprised at how well we all did. It showed us just how good we have it. It was very comfortable for all of us. It was a real uplifting experience to know that if we had to, we could live in our Airstream, with our whole family. however, we have decided to purchase a camper top with sliding side windows and a roof rack. I am also going to invest in a sliding rear window for the truck. This will allow us to have the dogs in the bed area while traveling. So, these are the upgrades we need in order to travel comfortably with 3 dogs for long periods of time.

We are thinking of renting out the house in Atlanta to a friend, keeping one of the bedrooms and the basement for storage. We are hoping to find someone that will be able to help with the dogs while we travel to Guatemala in June. We'll see. There is really so much going on right now that it amazes me how well we are holding it together. We are continuously filling our schedules with stuff to do. We are going to be all over the place for the next 6 months. I am more than likely going to take a leave of absence from my company in order to clear my mind. I'm not going to even get into discussing that subject. So, there should be some good material in this blog over the next year. There is no telling where we will end up.