Monday, January 25, 2010

Life is what you make of it

I have taken a break from writing in order to refocus what my intentions are with this blog. It seems as though in the past I have used it to vent and to express my inner thoughts and situations. It really can be used for whatever I want it to be used for, but mainly I want it to shed light on places and experiences that we love.

From where I stand, I can see a ton of good things ahead for both Rose and myself. I am sure that I have never been in such a loving, balanced, supportive, healthy, and peaceful relationship in my life. It is just so nice to be supported by those that love you, even when it might not be the norm. We have simplified our lives so much to the point that it is kind of self-sustaining. I have nothing to say except "you are correct", when others say "It must be nice." The bottom-line is that yes, it is VERY nice. "I wish the same for you", I conclude.

My role this year will once again be a non-traditional role when compared to 95% of American households. It is growing on me to be honest, I enjoy being a partner to Rosemary, helping her grow her business, her errand boy I should say. I am quit surprised at what we are accomplishing together, actually what I help her accomplish. She is doing 90% of the work with my opinions and advice. One of my roles will be to learn how to build 100% self sustainable housing for us. While we are low on cash, it is still a blast to be this free. Freedom to be whatever I want to be without justification to anyone but myself and my family (Rosemary, Katie and Marley).

Rosemary and I are both wishing the best to all of our friends and our families and are looking forward to sharing our experiences with everyone. Thanks to everyone that supports our non-traditional lifestyle of pleasure and passion. It certainly is unfortunate that pleasure and passion are considered non-traditional to some...Shouldn't we all seek to fill our lives with passion? We are.