Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 has begun

So....what is really going on these days in my world. The holidays are gone, January is now upon us and it is cold here in Atlanta. So I have been at the table lately, over the past 4 months, jotting down ideas about what I am going to do with my life. Sometimes I have even been verbally assaulted with this question....Maybe that is a bit much, but each time someone asks me what I am doing now, or where I want to see myself in 10 years, or whatever it may be, it allows me to reconsider what it is that I am actually doing. Where it is that I actually want to go...Where do I want to be in 2020? Most of my friends will have 9 and 14 and 15 or olds, Marley will be gone and Rose will be 46 and I will be 44. Now I know this is not answering the question, but it is nice to ponder the answers to these questions.

For the past 4 months I have been back in Atlanta, off the road, and in my home, I have slowed down quit a bit. I am no longer anxious from not holding a job title somewhere.....I have begun to actually believe that we will be taken care of no matter what happens. This is something Rosemary has said to me from day one. I have actually known what it is like to have a real partner in life, or felt it in a different way than previously thought. I pick up work here and there and have learned to live off of maybe 50 per week spending and the bills we share. I am not looking for work but have spent a large part of my time dreaming about what I want to do. I have studied lock smithing, and purchased the tools. I am in the middle of repairing my old friend Jeff Langford's airstream. I sleep in...I have mulched my flower beds with 6 inches of fresh wood-chips. I have worked for a very long time to get into the position I am in and am just now having fun getting myself out of it again.

I guess I have been spending my time figuring out what my next move is going to be and I think I am on the verge of moving in the direction of something big. What is the next move????? My next project? I think my next move will be in the direction of building sustainable housing around the world using the concepts developed my Michael Reynolds and Earthship Biotecture. Both Rosemary and I both want one for ourselves and we think it will go well in Guatemala. We'll see, but we are visualizing a land purchase to take place in the next year or so and then we begin the building of our very own Earthship. So......for the next year or so we will not only be involved with festivals around the country, but also I will more than likely be traveling to hep build Earthships. The experience will serve us well when we begin construction of our own. Now I know this is kind of out of the ordinary compared to the average North American, but I am coming to realize that I enjoy living the life of the not-so-average North American. So this is the latest and greatest idea and goal that Rosemary and I are setting for our year 2010. I can see so many wonderful things happening this year. Check out the website or go to your local library and rent "Garbage Warrior"

We'll see. Next week Rose and I are back on the road to Guatemala to visit Lake Atitlan for 8 days. This is the beginning of a big year for us. Enjoy our travels with us by following this blog. I can't wait to get to the Lake and explore. We only were there for a few days last June, so this time we can visit some of the other towns around the lake, hike new volcanoes, and of course, do the zip-line jungle tour. The lake is seriously one of the most beautiful places that I have ever visited. It is indigenous in so many ways, something you don't get anywhere here in the US. Needless to say, I am looking forward to arriving to Lake Atitlan once again.