Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year and Decade

Wow, what a trip it is going into the new year thinking about last years and all the years before. I just turned 34 and don't feel like I am in my mid-thirties. Time has flown past us so quickly....34....2010....There is so much going on..

So for the past 4 months Rose and I have been here in Atlanta, not traveling. November - February are usually the slow months for Rose. Every since I quit my job back in May, I have simply not been looking for work, but thinking alot about it. What a blessing it is to be able to not work and not be judged by your spouse/partner, rather motivated to take some more time. I thought about starting my own mobil lock-smithing business and also bought the tools to re-key houses. I've mainly reached a point of comfort with where I am, and don't feel the anxiety I felt previously, when not working. I have been filling my schedule with activities that include bird watching, gym (weights and cardio), walks in the woods with Rose, learning to shoot my pistol at a target, building a compost pile, studying Earthship Biostructure by Michael Richards in Taos NM, trying to sell a rental property of mine and trying to sell my primary residence in a short-sale. It is kind of like staying home with your kids or sending them to daycare, sometimes it is less costly to stay at home. I am becoming so much ore comfortable with my position in life and where I am with everything. It has taken some time to slow down enough to breath more deeply and to listen more and to speak less.....

Since we have returned to Atlanta, Athena passed peacefully, Katie and Marley are hibernating for the winter, I began smoking and quit again, and am back on the path of being in the best shape of my life. These days, compared to last time this year, I feel like mentally I am more stable and more connected with my intuitions, my gutt, my soul. I am feeling like most everything I wish for happens in time and is happening. It is a definite eye opener to watch life taking place. I have also simplified life a little more by downsizing forcably to a smaller truck/vehicle.

I wrecked my Ford F350 into a utility pole, totaled it, used the settlement to downsize to a Nissan Frontier, and pocketed the leftovers. The Airstream will sit until we have a tow vehicle we can afford and that runs good.

I completed my 2008 taxes and am ready to file my 2009 taxes as soon as the paperwork comes from my mortgage companies. No more procrastinating!!!

Rosemary is kicking ass. She and I developed a henna tattoo DIY kit this winter and are selling it on She has been landing custom costumes for people around the US and around the world. Private body painting events are taking place just about every weekend, and she has begun to work with a large Marketing Firm, The Maverick group. Lots of work!!!!! In the Spring we will be doing festivals, Summer in LA again she thinks, and Fall back doing festivals until October. I am really excited about all of the opportunities that she is coming into.

I am studying Earthship Biostructure's and might possibly be interning in Taos New Mexico for the month of June. These are structures that are basically off-the-grid. Check them out at

So Rose was just gifted some money and wants to go to Guatemala in a few weeks before her schedule fills for the year. We want to explore Lake Atitlan much more than earlier this year. We have heard about hot springs and hope to find them be sufficient enough to bath in. Another volcano hike would be nice, some swimming, cliff diving, zip lines, Mayan ceremonial sites. We want to spend the whole trip at Lake Atitlan this time.

So 2010 is going to be a great year or adventure and endless opportunities to go in any direction at any time, I believe. Katie and Josh and Xander, Ethan and Emily and Rosemary and I, all spent a good portion of time this year involved with my Mom and Dad's situation, and that too has seemed to come back together. I am so pleased and wish them the best years together full of travel, love, partnership, and most of all Passion for Life. I wish this for all friends and family. Rose and I are going to continue down the road of life and look forward to sharing it with all of you, even if we don't send christmas cards.