Monday, April 5, 2010

Earthships in Taos

I made it to Taos 4 days ago. What a beautiful place to land. So much has taken place over the last 4 weeks. Most importantly, I made it here and am beginning to live a dream I have had for the last year. the more I step closer to this dream, the more blown away I am. The books I have read and the website only does so much.....I will be staying in an Earthship for the next 3 weeks while building the same model. Last night was so peaceful, quiet, and silent, the kind of silent I ahve not experienced in a while. Granted, I was in the desert, but the building itself is intensely balanced. It is kind of weird, kind of like the Earth is blessing the building with Peace....I guess you would have to experience one in order to know what I am talking about. I took many photos of the systems (Solar, inverters, pressure tanks, venting, electrical, etc) in detail. So this is what I am getting involved with these days. It is so nice to have found a purpose, even if it is for only a period of time. My gutt is telling me that this is the beginning of a much larger purpose, a much more full-filling journey than I have been on in life. So here are some pics of the Earthship I am staying in, and the jobsite I will be working on. In 3 weeks I will head to Wyoming for 2 weeks, and then back here to Taos fto finish my 4 week session.